Vasti(Basti): Enema Therapy

Vasti(Basti): Enema Therapy

One of the main procedures of Panchakarma Chikitsa, Basti karma concentrates on the elimination of the loosened vata dosha out through the rectum. The treatment involves the introduction of medicinal substances, such as, herbal oils and decoctions in a liquid medium, into the rectum of the person. This is because vata is predominantly located in the colon and bones. Herbal concoctions made of sesame oil are generally used for the purpose.

Vata disorders can be effectively cured by Basti karma. Common cold, sexual disorders, constipation, distention, kidney, backache, pain in the neck region, vomiting and hyperacidity can also be cured by Basti karma.

If administered properly, Basti karma is an effective treatment that has very few or no side effects on the body. The medication techniques used for the treatment are known as enemas. According to Ayurveda, the enemas are not suitable for people suffering from shortness of breath, chronic abdominal pain, bleeding from rectum, cough, diarrhea and severe anemia.

Therefore, barring the exceptions, Basti karma can be adopted to people in order to rejuvenate the body, provide strength and longevity. Go through the following lines to get information on different types of Basti karma and the benefits of the treatment.

Types Of Basti Karma

Aasthapan Basti / Nirhua Basti (Decoction Enema):

This type of treatment is predominantly used to treat arthritic conditions and nervous disorders, obstruction of urine, stools and flatus; amenorrhea and infertility. Herbal decoction and small amounts of oil are used to treat the ailments. This type of Basti karma is not suitable for malnourished and weak people or those suffering from tuberculosis, ascites, peritonitis, intestinal obstruction, dysentery, diabetes, skin diseases and asthma.

Anuvasan Basti / Oil Enema:

Anuvasan Basti is used to treat the people who are not recommended to opt Nirhua Basti treatment. Warm oil with small amounts of decoction is used in Anuvasan Basti. The treatment rejuvenates the body. People suffering from piles, obesity, intestinal worms, anemia and jaundice should stay away from Anuvasan Basti.

Benefits Of Basti Karma

• Basti karma is highly beneficial in cleansing and detoxifying the body.

• The strong treatment penetrates deep into the body, while the mild treatment works on the superficial level of body. Both the treatments are beneficial for the body.

• Secretions in the colon are promoted by Basti karma, thereby ensuring a good health.

• People suffering from constipation would find the treatment beneficial, because it promotes the liquefaction of fecal matter in the colon.

• The palliative treatment helps the colon expel them. Similar to western enemas, the Basti karma increases colonic peristalsis, producing rapid elimination of the feces.

Awareness -

Proper administration of Basti karma is essential to gain the benefits of the treatment. This is because, the karma, if not done properly, leads to a number of complications. When the therapy is incomplete, then the person may experience spasmodic pains, burning sensation, anorectal itching and pain, anorexia, blockage of stools and flatus. If the treatment is given in excess, it causes anorectal inflammation and ulceration, fissure, weakness, and muscular cramps.

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