Shalyaroga chikitsa

Shalyaroga chikitsa in Ayurveda

[Shalya = Foreign body , roga = disease] This branch deals with diseases that are caused by a foreign body like an arrow or sword etc. Actually this is a surgical branch where in diseases due to an external trauma are treated surgically. This has a wider application in wars. Now a days injuries caused by accidents are dealt with by this branch.

The elaborate description about various kinds of instruments such as scissors, scalps, holders, etc., is really amazing. Sushrutacharya also described various operations such as urine stone, piles, fistula; cataract, even perforations of abdomen. Sushruta has been accepted as the father of “plastic surgery”. A different kind of surgery known as ‘Ksharsutra’ is most useful in ‘fistula in ano’

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