Hrud Basti

Hrud basti

Hrud basti in Sanskrit refers to hrudaya - the heart & basti- the container. This is also called as Uro basti (Uro-sternum, Basti- retaining something inside). This suggests Ayurvedic hot oil treatment where medicated hot oil or medicated decoction poured over heart region. Hrudaya- the heart is considered as one of three vital organs (Trimarma). The medicine used for hrud basti is desided on the basis of condition.


• Regulates cardiac function.

• Regulates doshas in chest region & heart.

• Nourishes & strengthens cardiac muscles, thus rejuvenates heart.

• Relieves effects of stress & anger .

• Improves blood circulation & breathing.

• Gives sense of peace & happiness.

The procedure is effective in following conditions :

• Ischemic Heart disease.

• Cardiomyopathy.

• Valvular disease.

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