Heart Problems

Heart Problems

Heart disease is a very common disease affecting people across the world. It is a major health problem for many people. According to medical surveys the most common causes of heart disease are Heredity , High blood pressure, Diabetes, High serum cholesterol , Smoking.

However ayurveda adopts a different approach towards achieving good health and stating the cause of certain diseases. The term used by ayurvedic for a heart disease is Hrudroga.Ayurveda definitely deals with the cardiovascular diseases. It defines the hridaya or the heart as organ of the body which is responsible for controlling and monitoring emotions and also for blood circulation that keeps an individual alive.

Causes of Heart Problem according to Ayurveda

Heart problems arise mainly due to improper diet and lifestyle. If you lead a life full of stress and do not maintain a healthy diet then your arteries will become thick and hard which will further result to angio obstruction and angina. High blood pressure may also result in heart problems. People with high blood pressure have a rough and thick artery walls. The artery walls become thick because the fatty cholesterol gets deposited under the artery lines. Therefore higher the blood pressure, higher will be the fat deposition. This may hamper blood circulation, preventing the blood from flowing easily and leading to blood clot. The blood clotting makes choke the blood supply and result in stroke or heart attack.

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