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At Shreyas Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre we have been providing our patients with the best professional and personal care since 2009. We offer a complete Ayurvedic package, which includes: ayurvedic treatments, panchakarma programs (using our self-prepared herbal massage oils), ayurvedic cuisine and daily yoga, breathing exercises and meditation sessions. All treatments at the Shreyas Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre are supervised by Dr. Sudhir Madhavrao Gaikwad (Ayurvedic Consultant) and carried out according to his recommendations.


Panchakarma is an essential core of Ayurveda. Customized for each individual patient, Panchakarma procedures follow a specific program of treatments that result in purification, rejuvenation and regeneration. Diet, ayurvedic herbal medicines, yoga and meditations facilitate the healing and regeneration processes. Ayurvedic therapy is known to be particularly effective for the prevention and cure of chronic diseases.

Ayurvedic treatment

At Shreyas Ayurvedic center, we offer several ayurvedic treatment programs. The Ayurvedic revitalization program includes one single treatment daily. People suffering from chronic health problems or people who need detoxification require one or two treatments daily. Panchakarma is a powerful and effective program of 3 stages.

It consists of the preparation of the body, a deep cleaning of the body, and finally balancing it back to its true nature. The preparatory stage of panchakarma includes oil massages to make the body soft, sweating to open the pores of the body so that the toxins can flow as well as a variety of cleaning procedures to remove the toxins out of the body.

Subsequently, we make the body stronger using the rasayana procedures. Panchakarma treatments require two or - in case of intensive panchakarma followed by a rasayana - 2-3 treatments daily. Our fully customized and well-proven weight reduction program that involves special massages, diet, exercises, and advices to follow up at home, is also very effective.

Customized high-quality care and affordable prices

Our main goal is to offer you customized high-quality ayurvedic treatments and care at affordable prices. We recognize that an optimal Ayurvedic treatment is not only about curing diseases. It also promotes a better understanding of ourselves, releases our hidden and dormant creative energy, helps us to perceive new possibilities and solutions in different perspectives, and to see new opportunities before us.

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